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Good hookah for good moments; pure & unbeatable.
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The Smoke

Provost II

The Apple On Top Provost II Heat Management Device (HMD) works on any foil-covered bowl to help regulate the heat from the coals. Made from quality stainless steel, the easy-to-use design reduces the time needed to maintain your hookah bowl by improving longevity and reducing unwanted temperature alterations.

Kaloud Lotus

The Kaloud Lotus II is engineered to regulate heat without the need to wrap your hookah bowl with foil and poking holes. It improves your session by making coals last longer, as it reduces the amount of ash that passes from your charcoal to your bowl. This results in a long-lasting, cleaner-tasting hookah session.

Organic Coals

We provide Cocourth Organic Coconut Flat Coals that feature consistent quality, minimal ash, and stable heat output without a single chemical added to the composition. Using these coals enhances the performance of your hookah session by delivering the purest flavor with every puff.

American Tobacco Flavors

We provide an exclusively grown in the USA, fine-cut natural hookah tobacco that adheres to a smooth and refreshing hookah session. Some of the brands featured are Trifecta, Azure, Tangiers, and Fumari tobacco.


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Explore our large selection of hookah flavors and let us perfect your smoking session. We have quick bites and drinks in case you get hungry!
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The Experience

Our Specialty

At Alcove Hookah Lounge, we specialize in serving hookahs that deliver the best flavor and the smoothest smoke. With the combination of a heat management device, American clay funnel bowls, and locally-grown fresh hookah tobacco, you will experience nothing but sheesha nirvana! Our highly trained hookah connoisseurs ensure every bowl is packed with perfection and a hint of love. Customer service is our priority, so don’t be shy to ask for flavor recommendations for your next hookah session.

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